Journey to the west [:西遊記:]

사진 설명이 없습니다.

即使有一个基准测试游戏,但制作过程却是由于这样的事实,即诞生更接近工程师。 第二天就去公司工作……这并不困难,但游戏性也是一个问题。
在开发的早期阶段,游戏本身与技术方法之间的联系非常差,而且不是很好。 可能已经过了几个月,但这是值得的。

In 2013, I introduced indie games that I started making with two acquaintances when I worked as a technical art director for a company.
I didn’t build a company, but I got a small office at the Soho Center in Yangjae-dong and developed it after work with Someone.
Even though there was a game of bench-marking, the process of making it was due to the fact that the birth was closer to the engineer. Posted to the company the next day to work … It was not hard, but also game-play was a problem.
It was not so fun.
It’s such an indie game project that I’ve been so excited about the lack of fun that I’ve gained a lot from this process.
I seemed to have been paid for a long time and didn’t feel it.
In the early stages of development, the game-play itself was very badly related to the technical method, and it wasn’t very good. It may have been a few months, but it was well worth it.

这是我以Tech art director的身份工作期间,在下班后一点点开发出来的Indie Game画面。和以前的同事引擎程序员一起以COCOS2D engine为基础,添加了Bullet Physics,追加开发了3D概念。开发过程中,引擎程序员入职其他大公司后忙得不可开交,我也转到了外籍公司,之后开发中断了。说实话,我们停止开发的原因是虽然这是我们做的,但也太没意思了。

These are Indie Game screens that I developed a little after work while working as a tech art director in Korea a long time ago.
I worked with my former colleague engine programmer to add Bullet Physics and 3D concepts based on the COCOS2D engine.
During the development, after the engine programmer moved to another big company and became too busy, I also moved to a foreign company, and then development stopped.
Honestly, the reason we stopped developing was that we made it too much fun.

Tool Research and developments

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