[experimental]LightMap shader tweaking.

The purpose if implementation.

  • Open exposure value for artist When they want to adjustment to baked-indirect merged pixel result.

GI信息存储在Unity3D中的Baked Indirect中,使用Meta Pass来确定相邻的颜色值。评估最终结果的视觉效果时,比起真实值,控制更人为的颜色值的Color Bleeding强度,为了接近美术想要的最终品质,修改Unity3D提供的LightMap最终计算方式的过程。在创作早期原型时,使用Amplify Shader Editor等来快速实现,并与美术协商,以便将其添加到内部项目的lightmap计算中。

GI information saved in Baked Indirect of Unity3D is determined by using Meta Pass for adjacent color values.
When evaluating the visual effects of the final result, we control the Color Bleeding intensity of the adjacent color values more artificially than the realistic ones. Shows the process.
When building an initial prototype, you can quickly implement it using the Amplify Shader Editor, etc., and work with the art team to add it to the lightmap calculations for your internal project.

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