Summary. / 目录。


  • Allegorithmic的历史
  • 推荐词
  • 关于作者
  • 关于这本书

Substance designer

对次时代图形和 Substance production 的观点
Procedural texture 是什么?

  • Physically based shading and rendering
  • User interface
  • Preferences
  • Texture Baker
    • Information texture是什么?
    • 使用 Hi-poly mesh 的 General baking setup。
    • Shape
    • Composition
    • Procedural noise
    • FX map
    • Pixel Processor
  • Export
  • Export Bitmap
  • Export sbsar
  • Materials

Substance painter

  • Overview
  • Preferences
  • UI
  • Shelf
  • Brush
  • Texture Baker
  • Export
  • Export for Unity3D.
  • Export for Unreal Engine.
  • Export for Vray
  • Export for Arnold rendering
  • Export for Octane Rendering
  • Export for Marmoset rendering
  • Beginner

Substance designer

用PBR贴图加工Bit map texture
用NODE编辑Photo texture

Creating Jade beads and Rendering.
Part1. Using procedural node for making Jade pattern.
Part2. Export texture and setting up to marmoset rendering.

Create Simple Wooden floor texture.
Part1. Basic wooden floor pattern.
Part. Scratching wooden surface.

Create Wood Tile texture.
Part1. Basic wooden tile pattern.
Part2. Material compositing.

Create Simple ground rock.
Part 1. Creating ground rock using by Procedural texture.
Part 2. Creating ground rock using by Procedural texture.
Part 3. Adding more detailing pebble into the ground rock.

Create muddy ground with puddle.
Part1. Muddy ground.
Part2. Making Puddle.
Part3. Combining textures.

Create Simple Snowy Ground.
Part1. Snowy ground.
Part2. Snowy pebble.
Part3. Combining textures.

Substance Painter
Basic material painting.
Basic smart material painting with authoring.
Basic particle painting.

Substance designer

Create Ground with mossy textures.

Create Cliff textures.

Create Elegance wall and ground textures.

Create modeling using by pattern with shape blending.

Custom material techniques
有效利用Color mask,开发Automarion material
在Substance parinter 适用 custom material
开发 Substance painter 使用的 Custom filter

Introduction of Procedural
Basic algorithm ( 기본 알고리즘 )
Basic algorithm(基本算法)
Morphological analysis. ( 형태소 분석 )
Morphological analysis(分析形态素)
Custom pattern with FX-Map

  • Iray
  • Node
  • Rendering

Substance Painter
Using more information texture with custom materials.

  • Overview
  • GLSL shader overview
  • Calibration with game engines
  • Photogrammetry scan with Substance Designer workflow.

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