Using Onedrive cloud sync with your project of Dev.

Living in China, it was difficult to establish an SVN server at home.
It is difficult to build a DDNS because it doesn’t know the account of the router provided by the internet company and is all in Chinese.
So after thinking, I synced the project wherever I was in the world and found a service not affected by China’s security shield.
In China, Microsoft is less affected by the Great Wall of China than Google or Amazon.
Temporarily created files So, except for the cache file and the Temp file, you can create the original project in Onedrive and link it to the Local Project directory.
Artists may not have heard of it.
Using symbolic links creates a solid link between directories and directories.
It is different from the shortcut icon.
It doesn’t matter at all when using a UE4 or Unity3D project because it will logically recognize the directory.
Just create a symbolic link like this.

The above is the content of the file of the GIT page to be released later.
It is convenient to create a batch file with reference to this content.
Briefly described above, Contents to be added to the project were separately created in Onedrive.

I set the directory name to “Git_UE4_Skinshader_Contents”.
This links to the actual Local Project’s Contents Root.
And the user shader file skinBrdf.ush was created on my Onedrive.
“E: OneDriveUE4_SkinBrdf_BurleySSS_ApproxCustom” Create a directory in this way and add a shader file in it.
Then, link the symbolic link to the above directory to the Shaders directory of the engine you are using.

If a directory with a shortcut icon is created as shown in the picture above, OK. Now, while working at home, carrying a laptop and going to a coffee shop or going to work will always be in sync.

Revision management is done automatically by Onedrive, so you can access the Onedrive service page and check the history.

When Conflict occurs, it tells you which computer’s update triggered Conflict, so there is no problem of version control and data loss while working on a project.


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