Overview: Collect the opinions of artists participating in the X2M project and propose alternative opinions. Because the number of mixed textures of the terrain is limited, we provide a function for precise expression of very special areas or small areas.
The advantage allows specific areas to be expressed in detail.
Disadvantages occur a slight overdraft.
Recommendation: It is recommended not to use it in large areas, but only use it in special situations that cannot be expressed due to the limited number of texture samplers in the terrain.


Basic concept.

If We need a more special texture in a specific area when blending the terrain texture as shown in the picture above, add a Texture Sampler in the terrain shader to prevent increasing the amount of terrain shader computation.
Biome Blending, which has not yet been developed, can be partially replaced. (Generally, overseas developers have a system that separately manages zones and zone junctions in the terrain editing tool for biome blending.)
The above process is the process of additional texture work for a specific area using the pre computed deferred decal mesh and edge blending shader.

尚未开发的生物群落混合技术可以部分替代。 (通常,海外开发人员拥有一个系统,该系统可以在地形编辑工具中单独管理区域和区域交界处以进行生物群系融合。)

Test of Abstractive concept

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