Storytelling of my game passed like a dream.

Thirty years ago I had the dream of a cartoonist, and twenty years ago I had the dream of a game developer.
It was the most painful memory in the past, but it was the happiest time when I looked back at the time after that.
I now want to have another dream.

Synopsis of Helinesia

*Cat god race Eight cats that survived the first disaster gain mysterious powers to become eight heroes, and descendants prospered by them to form a civilization in land of Helynesia. 在第一次灾难中幸存的八只猫获得了神秘的力量,成为了八位英雄,而后代则在此后的繁荣中在赫里尼西亚地区形成了文明。 *8 cats (8 heroes) 8只猫(8位英雄) Gionas + Remy (ancestor of the Glix family) (Glix家族的祖先) Kai + Rotte (ancestor of the Reus family)(Reus家族的祖先) Astrid + … Synopsis of Helinesia 더보기

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