Since I lived in Korea, I have been consistently selected as a lecturer and often gave presentations on technology development cases.
At the time I was involved in the development of Unity Engine with the NVIDIA headquarters and the Unity headquarters engine team.
After coming to China, I presented on the theme of mobile game graphics in the 2017 Unite Shanghai announcement and achieved 10,000 subscriptions in the shortest time.
I was invited to the Allegorithmic event, which is leading the development of procedural textures, and presented the theme of effective texture development in 2017 and 2019.So I’ll just take a moment to summarize what was presented at the Allegorithmic event.

2012年Unite首尔发表会上以 “下一代移动游戏处理技术经验共享”的主题发表过。
而且被邀请参加Allegorithmic(主要开发程序化纹理) 的活动,发表主题为2017年和2019年“有效纹理开发”。