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Mobile Skin Shader ver.2020

Mobile Skin Shader ver.2020 One directional lighting + Virtual specular method

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Gamma Space skin shader development.

Gamma Space skin shader development. Developer : JPLeeEmail : Website : Introduction. Recently, most of them are developed in a linear space.But in some cases … for example, […]

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Installing MaterialX Substance Designer Beta Plug-in.

This previous page has move to Patron.

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Substance Painter Shader Guide part 3. – Adding to Gaussian Blur9

Summary. What you’re practicing in this post may be helpful when implementing a skin shader in the next.The goal is to understand the depth of each content by first implementing […]

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Substance Painter Shader Guide part 2. – Adding to custom structure.

By implementing Alexa LogC converters (El 1000) inside the Substance Painter Shader, we will learn how to build a structure and directly declare the data type using the structure. Usually, […]

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Substance Painter Shader Guide part 1. – Adding to custom Sun light.

This post content has contained about substance shader tweaking How to…

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Development of three-dimensional pupil shader.

Purpose of implementations. One draw call rendering by one mesh. Supporting customization of eyeball pupil. Simple refraction FX. 开发瞳孔时,我特别重视的是,能够准确地引导出美术的最终要求。 使用前两个Mesh的方法是由美术队自制的,是消费两个Draw-Call的,没有特别的折射感,所以和美术简单讨论后使用了两个Specular,但是从实际的太阳光源的位置计算出来,其中一个是根据用户的视角计算的,即镜头视角。 我为美术提供的最终目标是Horizon Zero Dawn。 在实现过程中,我们合并了两个Draw-call,最大限度地降低了精度,消除了所有的GGX运算,只使用Normalized Blinn-Phong Specular实现。 ALU在处理折射时有所增加,但删除了依赖于PBR的某些部分,使得整体ALU比正常的PBR少了一些,实现了CustomUV,从而减少了Pixel Shader Stage计算的部分。 现在,我们使用Replection […]

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Advanced Skin Shader for Next-Gen Mobile games.

The fastest operating technique of the NORMAL BLUR SUB-SURFACE SCATTERING APPROACHING HOW TO… 处理角色渲染时,通常会听到许多有关SSS效果的信息。通常,移动游戏开发环境不常使用Normal Blur Sub-Surface技术的原因是,因为Normal纹理的Mip-Map需要使用DDX、DDY或Gaussian Blur进行实时Blur处理。现在,内容将介绍预处理实时处理部分的想法步骤。 In order to check the demand of the internal art team, it is […]

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Energy conserved specular blinn-phong.

Energy conserved specular blinn-phong implementation record Elements of Implementations Energy conserved diffuse with specular. Physically based Fresnel. Environments Reflectance. Ambient lighting adjustment controller. Energy conserved diffuse with specular. about energy […]

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通过新的任天堂Switch模式确定CPU,GPU和温度状态 Writing by JP.Lee Nintendo Switch是任天堂开发的小型游戏机。 我认为,作为纯游戏用途的Nintendo Switch卖得好的原因是比智能手机小,易于操作,并且还支持Wi-Fi,因此可以多重博弈。 ​ 任天堂 Switch的配置和规格如下。 可以说,现有的iphone11顶级版本或者iPad Pro第三代的性能与任天堂Switch相似。 但是我个人认为,任天堂Switch具有专注于游戏性的内部设计结构,所以更优秀一点。 此外,安装在扩展坞的时候和手持式状态的优化系统也非常优秀。 ​ * CPU : NVIDIA TEGRA X1+ T210B01 * GPU : NVIDIA GM20B * RAM […]

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Disable to bUseUnityBuild even building to UE4 source-code.

BuildConfiguration Download bUseUnityBuildWhether to unify C++ code into larger files for faster compilation. bForceUnityBuildWhether to force C++ source files to be combined into larger files for faster compilation. bUseAdaptiveUnityBuildUse a heuristic to determine which files are currently being iterated on and exclude them from unity blobs, result in faster incremental compile times. The current implementation uses the read-only flag to […]

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유니티 HDRP 에서 제공하고 있는 BentNormal 을 이용한 Ambient Occlusion 처리와 Reflection Occlusion 부분을 Custom URP 로 이식 해 보는 과정이다. 프로젝트에 따라 HDRP 의 특정 함수부는 활용이 가능하다고 생각한다. 예로 들어서 HDRP 에서만 작동 되는 Spherical Reflection Probe 같은 것들이다.모바일 게임개발 프로젝트라고 해도 특정 조건과 상황에 따라 HDRP 의 기능을 이식해서 활용 할 수 있는 하드웨어 환경이 되었기 때문이데 […]