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Dual Reflection Expression Resource by GIT ( patreon member only )

Dual Reflection Expression Resource by GIT | JP Lee on Patreon

Cat Warrior Substance Package. V.1.0

This asset pack made by since 2014 When I live in Korea. It data pack have substance desinger material with related shader for Study about SD workflow. Click to image […]

Iridescence Lit model improvement for URP

Iridescence Lit model improvement for URP Iridescence based thin film. Transparent refraction with distortion. Preserved Physically correct pbr based. Masking for decal printing. More learning about this? Check it my […]

How I could be simulation Display p3 Color Gamut inside Game-Engine development mode.

Author : First published this topic : 2021.5.10 What is this issues I was focused on now. Purpose. Basically Chinese game industry have a lot of old stuff of […]

Custom Curve Tone map generated Substance LUT.

Fully Support to Neutral tone mapper and ACES and finally Custom Curve tone map also available generation Hollywood style LUT for Substance Painter. Reference Filmic Tonemapping with Piecewise Power Curves […]


2018 in years my presentation of definition of stylized. Written by JP.Lee心动 Tech art team 我是专门设计材质与Shader的韩国人 JP.Lee 今天想和大家分享Stylized game art 的主题 一步一步来了解一下。 Stylize是究竟是什么意思呢? Stylized纯粹的词典定义是符合某种特定一致框架的样式的意思。 那么Stylized art的定义是什么呢? 在美术层面什么是Stylized texture ,Stylizedgame […]

Advanced Skin Shader for Next-Gen Mobile games.

The fastest operating technique of the NORMAL BLUR SUB-SURFACE SCATTERING APPROACHING HOW TO… 处理角色渲染时,通常会听到许多有关SSS效果的信息。通常,移动游戏开发环境不常使用Normal Blur Sub-Surface技术的原因是,因为Normal纹理的Mip-Map需要使用DDX、DDY或Gaussian Blur进行实时Blur处理。现在,内容将介绍预处理实时处理部分的想法步骤。 In order to check the demand of the internal art team, it is […]

Cartoon Shader Additional FX

Purpose of implementations Simple transmittance FX for toony rendering. mesh attribute based shade expression. Bloom and tone-mapped for toony rendering look-development. This character model from XRD game data not my […]

Using physical lighting units with Enlighten and UE4.(Translated topic/Extra explaining)

Original topic by Silicon Studio Japan at 2019.Additional extra declaring by JPLee at 2021. This document is written in English and added Chinese using a baidu translator.It can include a […]

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