OpenColorIO-Tools Installation inside of your Linux(Ubuntu,Fedora)

When you guys working on Windows10 very difficulty build binary file to OpenColorIO source code from git repo.

So I just explaining to very easy way to use to OpenColorIO tools for generate lut files.

Virtual Machine with Linux.

I used to VMWARE but this is not free.
So,other virtual machine player as VirtualBox that available to use as free.

Fedora Linux.

Open to Terminal then type to below.

sudo yum install OpenColorIO

Ok. We try to commanding to ociolutimage first because We must be install to ociolutimage package providing to OpenColorIO-tools command.

Ok… second thing that type like below.


Automatically install to those related packages from repo.

ociolutimage --generate --cubesize 64 --config nuke-default/config.ocio --colorconvert linear srgb --output lutLinearToSRGB.exr

As We know It need to some configure file from here.
Try to use above code inside of Terminal now.

Note : It is also possible to modify the Identity LUT with OpenColor IO by using the ocioconvert program to apply color conversion to this lut.

Ubuntu Linux.

sudo apt-get install opencolorio-tools

When you guy use to Ubuntu linux that would be use to command like above.

Should be try to type to ociolutimage inside of Terminal.

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