X2M mobile mmo rpg

整个世界的空间为32 Km X 32 Km
真实地形世界空间为16Km x 16Km
运行时包括Light Probe SH数据流时完全流式处理(内部开发)。

-VariableShadow,Distance ShadowMap(将视差阴影缓存视为纹理数组)

– 网格地形的自适应密度。
-网格地形lod + HLOD。



Fully world space have 32Km X 32Km
Real terrain world space have 16Km x 16Km
Full streaming when runtime included LightProbe SH data streaming(Inhouse develop).

Near and far shadow treatment.
-VariableShadow, Distance ShadowMap (Considered Parallax Shadow cache as texture array)
-Shadow volume proxy mesh system.

Mesh Terrain.
-Adaptive density of mesh terrain.
-mesh terrain lod + HLOD.
-Displaced mesh decal for terrain surface detail system.(Mobile friendly system that I made)
-Anti-Tilled technique by Stochastic.

Detail Vista terrain.
-Pre baked Light stage data.
-Adaptive vista terrain mesh generation.
-Support to Time of day.
-Distance fadeout blending with real terrain texture sets.

-Infinite ocene surface by Perspective space culled surface mesh.
-Plane reflection system regardless of the height difference.

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