(WIP) Stylized Toon ver.0.7

Written by JP.Lee
心动的 Technical Art team leader.
Former Allegorithmic Adobe Lead technical Artist.
Former Netease Technical art director at HZ.
Former Samsung Electronics R&D Center Technical Artist and Researcher.

Most of my time since I left the company has been devoted to Stylized Shading research.

This is because most of the company’s projects are either cartoon rendering or unusual Stylized.

Since I’ve worked on live-action style for many years, it seems that it took only 2 months to adapt to this style.

Because the outline processing has not yet been completed, the Smooth-Group for Outline cannot be packed.




由于大纲处理尚未完成,因此无法打包SmoothGroup for Outline。

It was called Light space Toon.


The vertex color should be used as well, but the company is busy, so…


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