Lut Bake for Substance Painter.


Substance Painter Color Profile A to Z part 1. - 知乎

I think you will understand a little bit about Tome mapping and Post Process Stack code structure by watching the previous two lectures. 看了前面两节课,我想你会对时间映射和后处理堆栈代码结构有一点了解。


After 2019, there were several requirements that I was received when communicating with the art team, and They wanted theirs rendering result after using post-processing in the game engine and the rendering result when working in the Substance painter to maintain the same tone as possible.

If you search the Internet, you can easily obtain UE4 ACES Tonemapping LUT, so there was no problem with basic settings.

However, there is a big problem with this, which is that only support Unreal-Engine only.

You can also get the Standard ACES Tonemapping LUT, but the problem with this is that Unity developers don’t really like using Unity’s internal ACES.

Also, it is likely related to the fact that it is not simply using tone mapping limited to HDR to LDR.

I came up with some ideas to solve these various situations, but I think the current method can be the easiest way to solve this.

2019年之后,我在和美术组沟通的时候收到了几个要求,他们希望他们在游戏引擎中使用后处理后的渲染结果和在Substance Painter中工作时的渲染结果尽可能保持相同的色调 .

网上搜一下,很容易就能得到UE4 ACES Tonemapping LUT,所以基本设置没有问题。


您还可以获得标准 ACES 色调映射 LUT,但问题在于 Unity 开发人员并不真正喜欢使用 Unity 的内部 ACES。

此外,这可能与这样一个事实有关,即它不仅仅是使用仅限于 HDR 到 LDR 的色调映射。


Wanna know more about this?
Jump to my link as notion page used below.

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