此外,必须始终与HDR一起使用的Tone Mapping现在也开始普遍应用于手游。
大部分的贴图制作都是通过Substance Painter或者Substance Designer进行的,但没有在实际游戏中应用的
Tone mapping处理的时候,就无法精准匹配表面反射或最终色彩。TA部门已经找到并解决了这个问题点。

Starting in 2018, we began to use HDR (although half the precision) in mobile games.
In addition, Tone Mapping, which should always be applied together with HDR, is now commonplace in mobile games.
There are some features that must be provided to Chinese game developers who have not encountered this environment.
If you’re doing most of the texture work with Substance Painter or Substance Designer, and you don’t have the tonemapping in place in your game, you can’t match the surface specular or final colors exactly.The Tech Art department found and solved these problems.

  • Substance Designer Default Tone Mapped

  • IDT ODT Simulated ACES UE4 log Tone Mapped

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