Substance Painter Color Profile A to Z part 1.

This is a document I wrote a few years ago.I recently completed more accurate documentation, but I remember it today and post it.I will correct the wrong information after the crunch work.In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how to set up visualization uniformity for game engine between Substance Painter material results.


First of all, it is a very pity that the Substance Painter Workflow document has no mention at all. Second, it is difficult to understand why Yesbis2, the external library of Substance Painter’s Post Processing, continues to exist.It was written based on Unity’s Post Processing. Looking at Unity’s Post Processing code, you can see that ACES 1.X is typically used or Piece-Wise Power Curve is used.Imagine that the post processing part is still changing.

Aces 2.0 has recently been beta released, and the Piece-Wise Power Curve is referring to the contents of the ‘John Hable’.In general, artists usually use the default values when using Substance Painter.If We use Arnold rendering or other rendering software for final image quality, Aces 2.0 is used recently, but game rendering is also very important.If you look at the internal structure of ACES or similar Post-Processing Tone-Mapping, you must recognize that ACES is being calculated after converting Linear Color Space to logC Color Space.Rather than explaining this part in depth, we will check the inside of the Post Processing code and see how to accurately set up Tone-Mapping in Substance Painter. Strictly, ACES should be processed as IDT in ACES format with Color Profile not sRGB.For the latest version of Substance Designer, the Color Profile Encoding function for Albedo has already been applied.It is also helpful to look at Unity’s Color.hlsl, ACES.hlsl and Common.hlsl.

Although mentioned in theUE4 official document, it is recommended to use ACES and perform screen calibration for White Point and Black Point if possible.
Use the other parts of Color Grading for the rest.

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