How to modify to mipmap bias more easily? Case Study

Unity引擎mipmap偏差值的默认值为“ -100”。
通常,推荐值为“ -0.5”。

The default value for the Unity engine mipmap bias value is “-100″.

In general, the recommended value is “-0.5″.

But set up the artist yourself.

How can I change the settings?

Study below.

You can test it using the attached Unity project.

Select the texture and change the inspector from normal to debug.
如果更改为调试模式,则可以检查可通过Unity Script API访问的所有属性。
If you change to Debug mode, you can check all the properties that can be accessed with the Unity Script API.
Of these numerous properties, where are mipmap related?
It is easy to find.
如果向下折叠“纹理设置”,则将看到“ Mip Bias”设置。
The default is -100.
Let’s change this value to -1 and compare the screens.
  1. Trilinear sampling is recommended and there is no difference in anisotropic sampling over 4
  2. Use to Kaiser filter for mipmap sampler.
Default ( -100)
Changed mip bias to -1.


比较mip-chain 12(更改为-1)和mip-chain 12(-100)。

再次简单地说,以Mip链12为例,将Mip偏差更改为-1可提高距离的纹理质量,但这意味着应采样4个像素。默认的Mip链为-100,仅 采样一个像素。 这意味着您可以做到。


You must have already understood.
The closer the bias value is to 0, the more the mip chain step is pulled towards the camera.
This means that the memory cache is slightly increased.
It also means that the number of pixels to be sampled has increased.
All are performance related issues.
To put it simply again, taking mip chain 12 as an example, changing the mip bias to -1 increases the quality of the texture in the distance, but it means that 4 pixels should be sampled.The default mip chain is -100, only one pixel is sampled. It means you can do it.
This means that as you get closer to the camera, the number of pixels that need to be sampled also increases.
In conclusion, the artist or TA should be used very partially only when it is necessary to use this function very carefully.

In the next lesson, let’s study how to overcome the blurry mipmap phenomenon of far-field without modifying the mip bias.

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