[Advanced]Anti-Tilled technique by Stochastic

以下包含对于Anti-Tilled technique 的技术理论上的内容.

Unity 基于技术内容创建技术演示。

Unity3D Engine.

World Machine for generation big terrain.

View distance blending for vista texture.

Stochastic anti-repeating visualization result.

Xrp Feature result.

Test type for Rocky Ground texture.

(Before : LEFT , After : Right)

Example of Unlit.

Grass field


此 Feature 使 ALU 数量增加近 15 个。
但是,此功能通常使用 LOD1 的 LOD2 着色器。
审查并应用整个 Velod。
对于地形,混合 4 张纹理的情况很常见,在某些情况下,有时混合到 7 或 8 张,但此功能仅在性能方面不是一大问题,因为它仅在 Vista map 的上一步运行,因此性能方面不是一大问题。

Vista-Map visual explaining demo preview.

1, Bake Light-Stage data into the BaseMap as Vista view texture.

2. Debug Tiling texture set to Layer0 texture phase.

3. Simply test via Vertex position depth fade through Camera near and far.

Only tested based on Unlit.
Vista map has used to pre-baked light-stage by Vray offline renderer basically.


Implemented refer to

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