Stylized toon Urp update.

2021년 7월 13일.


After leaving the company after a long time, I am going to research some rendering techniques and post them on Github. By writing this pages, I think I will be able to remind myself of my old memories.

So… I want to say that I didn’t want to do anything too difficult from the start. It seemed that I would get tired first if I dealt with difficult things from the beginning. 😢 Back to the main text… We try to explain each effect section as simply as possible.

As I have been paying attention to team management for several years, personally, my ability to explain in detail technical aspects seems to have decreased, so I will keep the attitude of reminding myself.

Most of the explanations are not for programmers, but for artists interested in shading.

Rather than relying entirely on rendering programmers or technical artists, if you understand the implementation aspects, artists will be able to organize their thoughts before communicating with them.

离开公司很久之后,我打算研究一些渲染技术并发布在Github上。 通过写这几页,我想我将能够提醒自己我的旧记忆。 所以……我想说,我从一开始就不想做任何太难的事情。 好像从一开始就处理困难的事情,我会先感到疲倦。 😢 回到正文… 我们尝试尽可能简单地解释每个效果部分。 由于我多年来一直关注团队管理,我个人对技术方面的详细解释能力似乎有所下降,所以我会保持提醒自己的态度。 大多数解释不是针对程序员,而是针对对着色感兴趣的艺术家。 与其完全依赖渲染程序员或技术美工,如果您了解实现方面,美工将能够在与他们交流之前组织他们的想法。

What we can learn from this content. 我们可以从这个内容中学到什么。

  • You can understand the simple Toon Shader processing method. 可以理解简单的Toon Shader处理方法。
  • You will get to know the roughness of the PBR lighting model. 您将了解 PBR 照明模型的粗糙度。
  • You can understand the use of NodtL. 可以理解NodtL的使用。
  • You can see what the vertex attribute is. 你可以看到顶点属性是什么。
  • You will also learn the spatial transformation process. 您还将学习空间转换过程。
  • You can understand a little bit of the very common HLSL shading syntax and structure. 您可以了解一些非常常见的 HLSL 着色语法和结构。
  • You can use Desmos. 您可以使用 Desmos。

Wanna know more detial?
Visiting to my notion Page~ Check it out~

Stylized Toon (WIP) ( ( Open Topic )

Stylized Toon by Unity URP. Project Source | JP Lee on Patreon ( PATERON MEMBER ONLY )

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