Custom Mipmap encoding practice.

此示例不是生产级别。该示例可以在生产级别使用,但是可以通过添加更有效的功能将其升级到完整的生产级别功能。This example is not a production level.This example can be used at the production level, but it can be upgraded to a full production level function by adding more efficient […]

How to modify to mipmap bias more easily? Case Study

Unity引擎mipmap偏差值的默认值为“ -100”。通常,推荐值为“ -0.5”。但要自己设置艺术家。如何更改设置?研究如下。您可以使用随附的Unity项目对其进行测试。 The default value for the Unity engine mipmap bias value is “-100″. In general, the recommended value is “-0.5″. But set up the artist yourself. How can […]

Blur control-Mipmap bias handling

请先阅读。最新的Unity版本的Kaiser滤镜无法达到传统的NVIDIA Kaiser滤镜结果。实际上,Unity公司修改了Kaiser滤镜结构,但这是加快导入纹理速度的一种方法。甚至最新的2020年Kaiser过滤器版本也比以前更清晰。Read it first.The latest Unity version of the Kaiser filter does not reach the traditional NVIDIA Kaiser filter results.In fact, the Unity company modified the Kaiser filter structure, but […]