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Using physical lighting units with Enlighten and UE4.(Translated topic/Extra explaining)

Original topic by Silicon Studio Japan at 2019.Additional extra declaring by JPLee at 2021. This document is written in English and added Chinese using a baidu translator.It can include a number of mistranslations. Physical-based rendering (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physically_based_rendering) has become the standard technology for game development. Provides a simple way to create materials based on physical parameters […]

Lookdev environment scene creation for mobile game.

회사일 말고 일본 모 회사 관련된 모바일 렌더링 처리를 하던 중에 개발팀용 룩뎁 장면을 설정 중입니다. 표준 렌더링 장면이라서 light theme 은 아니에요. I am setting up a lookdep scene for the development team while doing mobile rendering processing for a Japanese parent company, not a company. It is not a light theme because it […]

[Advanced]Anti-Tilled technique by Stochastic

以下包含对于Anti-Tilled technique 的技术理论上的内容. Unity 基于技术内容创建技术演示。 Unity3D Engine. World Machine for generation big terrain. View distance blending for vista texture. Stochastic anti-repeating visualization result. Xrp Feature result. Test type for Rocky Ground texture. Example of Unlit. Grass field 活用篇. 此 Feature 使 ALU 数量增加近 15 个。但是,此功能通常使用 LOD1 的 LOD2 着色器。一般来说,近距离时不会产生重复的视觉感觉,因为当与相机的距离超过50米时,主要会出现重复的感觉。审查并应用整个 Velod。对于地形,混合 4 张纹理的情况很常见,在某些情况下,有时混合到 7 或 8 […]

Dual Specular IBL demonstration.

When I set up the lighting, I think I want to control the reflection expression of golden armor or metallic independently of the ambient light. By modifying the Specular IBL and Custom Specular IBL created from SkyIBL in the shader, you can understand how the material expression can be further enhanced. 라이팅 설정을 하다보면 황금 […]

Mip-chain artist template by Substance designer.

커스텀 밉맵체인에 대응하는 Substance designer template 제작을 간단하게 소개 하고 게임엔진에서 사용하는 툴의 특성을 이해 한 후 TA 가 어떤 추가 업무를 추진 할 수 있는지 소개한다. 신규 Graph 를 생성 하고 Graph Name 을 설정하세요. 일단 간단하게 템플릿을 제작 한 후 이것을 다시 PIXEL PROCESSOR 로 제구성 할 것이다.

Custom Mipmap encoding practice.

此示例不是生产级别。该示例可以在生产级别使用,但是可以通过添加更有效的功能将其升级到完整的生产级别功能。This example is not a production level.This example can be used at the production level, but it can be upgraded to a full production level function by adding more efficient features. 实验目的。公司内部还没有请求,但是我们根据JP Friends Company项目团队提出的类似要求进行研究。通过改善Unity mipmap过滤的质量并改善模糊的Texel采样,我们希望改善更清晰的法线贴图表达(中等距离)或Albedo表达。在粗糙的情况下,不需要改进。 Purpose of experiment.There is no request from within our company yet, but we study this based on the similar demand […]

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